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Contact Me   We are a family living on the south downs in a very ordinary 1970's house with a medium sized garden. This is an experimental backyard 'micro farm' with an additional allotment in a nearby village. I raise miniature rabbits as companion animals for sale, plus offer a boarding service for rabbits and small furries while their owners are away.

My other half works on the allotment to produce food for the family, this is in the early stages and needs way more time and effort (from me). We had an allotment in the city of Portsmouth many years ago and found it a very rewarding and beneficial way to live, it created an enduring desire to live in a more natural and ecologically sympathetic manner. this blog is our photo journal of this attempt to achieve harmony and have a few laughs along the way.

Cool Dutch Splits with blue eyes. Bullseye and Humbug the black and white Dutch Split blue eyed lionheads, and the crazy Dutch bunnies.

— 1 month ago
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Guess which one isn’t a rabbit.

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Little Dorrit the beige and white Dutch Split lionhead.   Hugs.

Little Dorrit the beige and white Dutch Split lionhead. Hugs.

— 4 months ago
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Honey Bunny on holiday at The Briar Patch boarding service. Bunny Meets Furby„ Bunny triumphs.

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Hypnotic bluebells at Rotherlands.

— 5 months ago
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April and May the lionhead kits.

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Ruined tin mine on Dartmoor.

Ruined tin mine on Dartmoor.

— 5 months ago
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